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Getting a Handle on Health

July 27, 2023

The definition of health is simple:

The state of being free from illness or injury.

Yet, achieving and or maintaining “health” is no small endeavor.

Sadly we live in a world where convenience takes precedence over wellness. Often people take their health for granted, until something happens to them or someone they know.  When a person falls ill the blinders are removed and the realization that not only is good health an absolute blessing, keeping it is worth the effort.

Proactive wellness is not a convenient way to live. This requires a person to pay attention to their diet, prepare healthy food and often spend more money on wholesome, quality ingredients. Time must be spent on movement, purposefully incorporating cardiovascular exercise as well as strength training into daily tasks. Ditching binge watching and social medias and having a strict policy on sleep. Reducing toxins in life both environmental (cleaners, food/water, personal hygiene) and emotional (drama, stress, and overwork and more) is a huge factor in overall wellness. Add in taking time to care for self. Health is a choice we make, not a gift we are given.

In our fast-paced, go-go-go society the tendency is often to grab a pre-packaged meal or snack rather than cook at home. Caffeinating with sugary coffees and energy drinks that mask the lack of sleep or poor quality sleep is simply a normal and accepted practice and often this isn’t just a morning boost, it’s an afternoon necessity as well. As a society we have been conditioned to believe that if it is on a store shelf it is safe. We blindly consume products in all aspects of our lives that are filled with harmful chemicals. Many jobs are requiring innumerable hours of the day sitting, typing, staring at a screen indoors. All of these factors and many many more contribute to the poor health trends among Americans.

Grasping health and focusing on maintaining requires effort. Many are overwhelmed by the complexity of changing routines, dropping conveniences and spending extra money and time on actions that will improve health. There is a very powerful quote that sums up the issue pretty bluntly.

If you think the pursuit of health is expensive and time-consuming, then try illness. - Unknown

Let’s explore some small steps that can be taken to achieve a healthy life.

🥗 Healthy food choices is key. Take a personal evaluation of your eating habits. Make changes if necessary to incorporate fresh, healthy options into each day.

💦 Hydrate. Be sure to consume 2/3 of your weight in water (multiply your weight by .67).

💤 Sleep. 6-8 hours minimum. Turn off screens half an hour before bed.

👟 Movement. Get your body moving.  Incorporate walking, running, swimming, yoga, weight training, skiing, dancing, team sports, stretching, any of it, you choose, into your life at least 3-5 times each week.

Reduce stress. Separate yourself from people, places and things that cause you stress. Minimize this as much as possible and find healthy ways to decompress. Visit Boundaries and use a modality, meditate, read a book, listen to music, garden, keep a gratitude journal, start a new hobby or pick up an old one, get a massage or pedicure, or both! Find things that bring you joy and make the time for them to be a priority.  

☀️ Breathe fresh outdoor air each day and get some sun on your face daily.

Remember, health is a choice, it is not promised.  Many resources are available for anyone seeking to pursue or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here at Boundaries Wellness, our whole mission is to provide wellness opportunities, modalities and education to as many people as possible.

We offer nutritional coaching, multiple modalities that are beneficial to achieving and maintaining health, as well as a calm, soothing, media-free environment to recharge yourself and focus on you! We can’t wait to see you!