PowerCab® Cryo

Whole body cryotherapy for increased energy & recovery.

Increased energy levels
The extremely low temperatures in a whole body cryotherapy chamber enacts an amazing physiological response on the body. In order to keep an average temperature, the nervous system goes through a process called vasoconstriction – constricting of the arteries and blood vessels. This cuts down inflammation and more blood stays in the body’s core. That extra-oxygenated blood is then sent around the body increasing energy.

Increased performance
Whole body cryotherapy acts at a muscular and cardiovascular level, therefore, when applied before intense exercise it increases physical performance and resistance. Blood flow increases, natural enzymes, nutrients and hormones are released, enabling the athlete to achieve greater power, higher speed, and greater resistance to fatigue.

Recovery after exercise
As whole body cryotherapy helps to reduce inflammation, pain is reduced and the body is better able to heal itself and promote muscle recovery. Unlike with ice baths you can also resume exercise immediately after a cryotherapy session.
Besides preventing injuries, whole body cryotherapy also aids in recovery and significantly reduces downtime by helping to reduce inflammation. Likewise, it reduces pain and increases the ability of the muscle to regenerate.
  • Accelerates recovery after injuries and surgery
  • Relieves chronic pain and joint inflammation
  • Decreases swelling and edema
  • Accelerates muscle recovery
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