AuraPBM™ Red Light Therapy

Safe, effective treatment for harmful inflammation

What is Photobiomodulation Therapy?
Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) is a safe, effective treatment for harmful inflammation. While inflammation is a part of the body’s natural immune response, prolonged inflammation from an injury, environmental factors, or chronic diseases like arthritis can cause permanent damage to the body. PBMT helps reduce inflammation throughout the body by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes to remedy inflammation and repair damage. PBMT is proven to:
  • Improve mental acuity
  • Increase collagen production, improving skin elasticity and appearance
  • Relieve muscle soreness and minor joint pain
  • Regulate the synthesis of free radicals and reduce the effects of oxidative stress
  • Promote sleep hygiene options for a restful night
PBMT promotes full body wellness by enhancing the body’s natural processes for healing. When light is applied with the right wavelength, intensity, and duration, the body’s cells react by producing more energy. The primary mechanisms by which Photobiomodulation works is based on the effect of light on Cytochrome-C Oxidase. Consequently, the unbinding of nitric oxide and release of ATP leads to improved cellular function. This therapy is safe, easy, and most individuals experience no adverse side effects.
Enhance your wellness potential
Non-Thermal Light Therapy: Uses non-thermal light at specific wavelengths to stimulate cellular activity.

Photobiomodulation Benefits: Promotes tissue repair, reduces inflammation, and may improve recovery. Includes fuller spectrum Near-Infrared Light.

Deeper Penetration: Penetrates deeper tissues to aid in regenerating tissues beyond the skin's surface.

Non-Invasive: Does not involve heat, making it suitable for a wide range of individuals.

Ideal Combination: Using AuraPBM after the Contour Pod may be ideal for opening pores, optimizing blood cell separation, and preparing tissues for deeper AuraPBM light penetration.